Annual Halloween Shoot : Scream

For four years now we’ve been doing an annual Halloween shoot. I have these lovely clients who have become friends and it’s through their mutual love of Halloween and horror that makes these shoots happen. We’ve had so many people help out throughout the years to pull these shoots off and they are arguably my favorite shoot every single year.

This year, we chose Scream as our theme. We made our final decision mere weeks before Scream 5 (which we’re told will also just be called Scream) was announced to be in production. So it felt like a relevant shoot, but also an homage to a franchise I have loved since the very beginning.

It was December 1996 and my older sister worked at our local video rental store, Video Network (oh how I miss these days). As of one of the job perks, the employees were sometimes able to watch the movies before their actual release date. I will never forget the day she brought home Scream, days before it had been released. My family and I sat down together (because we’re the type of family who regularly watches horror movies as a group), and watched, what I often argue, is one of the most iconic horror movies of its time. It was creative and did things no other modern horror movie had. I was obsessed. The minute it ended, I responded with, “We need to watch it again.”. So we did. And I’ve probably watched it more than 50 times throughout the past 24 years.

So tonight, I ask you, “What’s your favorite scary movie?”.

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Based out of Lumsden, Sk but always willing to travel!