Halloween : The Strangers

Halloween makes my horror-loving soul incredibly happy. For the last three years in a row I have planned a special Halloween shoot with good friends, taking inspiration from some of our favorite horror films for the shoot. The first year our movie inspiration was Friday the 13th, last year we did Halloween, and this year, we did The Strangers. The Strangers is a newer film (2008) and it is a film that rocketed to the top of my favorites before I even finished watching it the first time. There is one line in the film which is arguably the most unsettling line in horror film history. The killers’ reason for doing this, “Because you were home.” The line just makes your heart sink and I’m always in awe when films have the ability to emotionally manipulate the viewer in such an effective way.

Each year our shoots seem to get more elaborate and our team that it takes to pull it off gets larger. Thank you SO much to my dear friend Kathy and her family for allowing us to invade their home with our fake blood and weapons. Kathy, it felt amazing shooting alongside you again, we need to make it happen more often! Hailee, this year’s victim, THANK YOU for screaming your heart out!! James, Kaylee, and Sisika, our killers, thank you for being weird, allowing me to be weird, and for constantly, without fail, always making these shoots far exceed anything I could have ever hoped for. I love all of you!

Masks : Trick or Treat Studios

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Based out of Lumsden, Sk but always willing to travel!