Review : Sleeklens – ‘Let’s Bokeh’ Overlays

Awhile back, the team at Sleeklens graciously offered me their collection of ‘Let’s Bokeh’ overlays for an honest review so I’m here to tell you all about them! When I first opened them up I was overwhelmed (in the best way possible) by the sheer number of options available in this collection. For the price (currently $59 at the time I’m writing this), you get a lot for your money. There are 125 unique overlays and 86 actions. Admittedly, I’m more drawn to the overlays from this collection than the actions. I find them a bit more malleable to suit my needs and style and prefer using a overlay as a final step after I’ve applied my other presets and edits.

When I first started using these I was unsure how they would fit into my workflow. I knew they weren’t something I wanted to add to every single image. Also, I always try to do any ‘special effects’ in camera opposed to in PS. However, there are situations when the odd image just needs a little extra, something, and these overlays do the trick. They are extremely easy to use, it’s just a simple layer and you can mask adjustments and opacity, making them accessible to those seasoned in editing and new editors too.

The amount of product you receive and the ease of their use make these overlays a product I recommend. I know that I personally won’t use them for every single shoot or on an abundance of images, but they’re a wonderful addition to a editor’s collection and add that extra pop for shots that just need a little boost.

Here are a few examples of images I’ve edited before and after using some of the overlays from the ‘Let’s Bokeh’ collection from Sleeklens .

**Links to the ‘Let’s Bokeh’ collection and the Sleeklens site can be found by clicking on the hyperlinked words in this review!**


BEFORE                                                                                                                             AFTER

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